Aktuelle Informationen zum World Fish Migration Day 2020 vom WFMD2020 team, Herman Wanningen, Creative Director, World Fish Migration Foundation:

Dear partners of World Fish Migration Day,

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Wildlife Forever to promote aquatic conservation through art by collaborating on their State-Fish Art contest! As a part of the contest, we have created the international Fish Migration Award with Jeremy Wade as ambassador. Children ages 5-18 can submit their wonderful illustrations and the winners will be announced on World Fish Migration Day (May 16, 2020)This global competition is an opportunity for young children to connect to one another and show how their Love Flows for migratory fishes! In this NEW MESSAGE from Jeremy Wade you will learn about the details of the how you can apply.

The World Fish Migration Day 2020 is only 6 months away and cool things are already happening. We currently have 3 times more events registered than last year in this same month! People are already getting mobilized and ready for the biggest celebration ever! If you haven’t registered yet then please do it soon and become part of this exciting movement: https://www.worldfishmigrationday.com/join-wfmd

As partners of WFMD2020 we kindly ask you to help us to grow the global network by exciting local and regional groups, river managers, schools and so on. You can do this by forwarding this message about the upcoming World Fish Migration Day and the competition. We hope this will also get as many young folks involved as possible. We are looking forward to some incredible drawings this year! We hope this community will be inspired by their artwork and on May 16 2020, we can all show how our Love Flows for fish, rivers and people!

Attached the most recent Brochure of the WFMD2020, with an overview of our new proud sponsors and information about the types of events that can be organized for WFMD2020.  >>> WFMD2020 brochure version nov 2019

With kind regards, Herman Wanningen, Creative Director, World Fish Migration Foundation

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