Folgende Stellenausschreibung hat uns erreicht:

„Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well. We are seeking a new postdoc (2 years) or PhD student (3 years) to study the movement ecology and metapopulation ecology of Baltic Sea pike in Germany at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Berlin Germany ( I would be most grateful if you could spread the word among interesting applicants.

The work is part of our coastal Bodden pike project (, is mainly involving telemetry, otolith microchemistry and if interested genetics, and is associated with the IFishMan ( lab. A small team of interdisciplinary scientists, postdocs, PhD students and masters student are looking at various dimensions of the Baltic Sea pike around the island of Rügen.

Details on the job and application details can be found following this link:

The application deadline is September, 30.

Many thanks and all the best

Robert Arlinghaus

Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus
Fisheries Professor @ Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries & Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
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