Save the Date: Trilateral Swimway Conference 2024 and 32nd Symposium Waddenacademie

17-19 April 2024, Groningen – The Netherlands

Uns erreicht dazu folgende Mitteilung vom Executive Secretary to the Board of the Waddenacademie (via Dr. Julia A. Busch, Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven), die wir hiermit gerne weiterleiten möchten:

„Dear fish friends,

Today, the „save the date“ for the second Swimway Conference was published!

We are looking forward to this event, which will take place in Groningen, the Netherlands in April 2024.

Hope to seeing many of you there,

All the best, Julia“

Trilateral Swimway Conference 2024
And 32nd Symposium Waddenacademie

Applying scientific evidence to manage human impacts on fish life cycles
17-19 April 2024
Groningen – The Netherlands

Within the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (TWSC), the second Swimway conference will be held from 17 -19 April 2024 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Organisers are the trilateral Wadden Sea Expert Group Swimway and Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS), Waddenacademie, Waddenvereniging, University of Groningen, Wageningen Marine Research, van Hall Larenstein University, Danish National Park Wadden Sea and Danish Ministry of Environment. Funded by TWSC/CWSS, Waddenacademie, and Waddenfonds (projects Waddentools and Ruim Baan voor vissen).

The second Swimway conference will further explore:

  • Drivers of fish populations utilizing coastal marine environments during their ontogeny;
  • Potential bottlenecks throughout the life cycle and, eventually;
  • Effectivity and efficiency of current and foreseen management measures;
  • Observed and projected impacts on estuarine fish populations through large-scale anthropogenic impacts (e. g., with regard to food, mobility, energy, fisheries) and environmental change (e. g. continuous and sudden temperature change, underwater noise, chemical pollution, eutrophication).

For more information, background and topics of the conference visit the website

Call for abstracts
Abstracts up to 200 words are welcome to one or more of the following topics:

  • Life cycles of fish with connectivity to coastal estuarine systems, including bottlenecks
  • Causes and consequences of fish population dynamics in coastal areas
  • Evaluation of successful or failed current management measures to improve fish populations
  • Guidelines for taking environmental change and transitions into account when developing management measures (including infrastructure) to protect coastal fish
  • Added value of collaborative projects (e.g., site-managers, scientists, stakeholders, citizen scientists)

The call for abstracts is open now!

Free flowing rivers conference
As a special benefit, the Swimway conference 2024 will take place in close association with the free-flowing-rivers conference  to be held earlier the same week (15 – 17 April 2024) also in Groningen. Both conferences will organize a combined excursion programme on the 17th of April 2024.

Express your interest
In order to stay informed about the Swimway 2024 conference you can fill in the form on our website to keep you updated about the programme and registration dates.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the organising committee,

Klaas Deen
Executive Secretary to the Board of the Waddenacademie

Hintergrundfoto: GfI (Heiko Brunken)