Folgende Stellenangebote erreichen uns über den Newsletter 08/2023 21.08.2023 von (Shark Job Opportunities):

Impact of fisheries on spurdog, Squalus acanthias

Nord University Bodø, Norway – The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture has a vacancy for a PhD position:

PhD in Ecological Genomics – Genomic impacts of fisheries induced selection in the North Atlantic

A three-year PhD fellowship in molecular ecology is available at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA), Nord University Bodø, Norway. For the right candidate a four-year position, which also includes 25% teaching, supervision and/or administrative duties, may be possible.

Increasing anthropogenic disturbance of marine ecosystems is leading to loss of keystone species. Fisheries are probably the most important contemporary pressure on natural populations in the marine environment, yet supply vital protein. The selective focus of intensive commercial fisheries demonstrably alters life-history traits. You will use advanced novel genomic approaches to explore the impact of fisheries on spurdog, Squalus acanthias. This study promises unprecedented resolution of population genetics, movement patterns, population estimates, seascape genomics, and genomic footprint of over-fishing.

The position will be available from 1st of January 2024 at the Bodø Campus.

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Population ecology and genomics of porbeagle sharks, Lamna nasus

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