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Mark your calendar: World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) will be back on the 25th of May 2024! In this sixth edition, we will celebrate „Fish in the Food Chain“. Not only do fish guarantee the proper functioning of ecosystems but they directly influence our livelihoods. The disruption of migratory cycles has effects on what is on our plates. For this reason, WFMD aims to educate people on the ecological, cultural, economic and recreational importance of protecting endangered species and restoring migratory habitats.
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Wrapping up our first Free Flow Webinar

On the 29th of November 2022, we hosted our first Free Flow Webinar, as part of the International River Symposium in Vienna! The webinar focused on how dam removal can help achieve the proposed EU goal of freeing up 25.000 km of river stretches. The audience had an extremely positive consideration of dam removal with 97% of respondents considering it as a viable river restoration tool providing excellent results.

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Extraordinary funding for the protection of fish habitats

Brilliant news to welcome this new year: NOAA Fisheries announced to fund nearly $105 million to build 36 new fish passage projects in the USA! This historic investment will help reopen migratory pathways and restore access to habitats across the country. In particular, the funding will be devoted to implementing projects that protect tribal resources.

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Latest research on the Amazon Basin 

The Amazon Basin is the most biodiverse habitat in the globe. Healthy, free-flowing rivers guarantee such a flourishing fauna and flora. However, dams and other infrastructure developments are threatening this biodiverse hotspot. With the help of WWF, a group of researchers was able to classify critical rivers that needs to be maintained pristine. Their aim is to protect freshwater species, including migratory fishes.

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Don’t forget to submit your paper for the IFM conference 
From the 11th to the 13th of July 2023, the Institute of Fisheries Management will host a three-day conference in Liverpool. The conference will focus on the latest data and initiatives about fish impingement and entrainment. The call for papers closes tomorrow, February 1st, we hope you have your paper ready!
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From our homes to yours, we wish you happiness, health, and rivers full of fish!

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