Uns erreicht folgendes Stellenangebot, das wir hiermit gerne weiterleiten:

Hi everybody,

if somebody knows somebody who is interested to work with nice colleagues (J) in a beautiful surrounding: https://www.researchgate.net/job/1005511_Scientist_position_for_climate_and_hydrological_modelling_in_Baden-Wuerttemberg

 We are looking for a climate-change interested person who is an expert in numerical modelling methods. The goal of this well paid project (which is planned to be extended beyond one year, with the prospect of the research post becoming permanent) is to bridge the gap between currently available climate projections and the need for high-resolution, continuously updated climate projections to improve predictions of climate change effects on local biodiversity, land use, and water availability and to guide practical adaption measures.

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Dr. Jan Baer
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