Töpfer, J., Chan, B.P.L.

On the taxonomic status of the Black Paradise Fish Macropodus concolor Ahl, 1937, and a natural population in Hong Kong (Teleostei, Belontiidae)

Summary: M. concolor Ahl, 1937 for a long time was considered to be a subspecies and its natural distribution is not yet fully known. The article presents evidence for the taxonomic classification of M. concolor as a distinct species. The presence of M. concolor was only confirmed in central Vietnam, until 1996, when a population was discovered at Sham Chung in Hong Kong. This first population has since been destroyed. In August 2000 the authors collected specimens of M. concolor in the Tai Po region of Hong Kong. The differences between this population and the central Vietnamese population are described, and the authors conclude that the Hong Kong population is natural. At present the Tai Po region is the only known location of the species in Hong Kong. This habitat is currently threatened by industrial and residential development.