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What are the aims if the GfI?

This is most easily answered by a translated extract of the statutes and articles.

§ 2 Purpose of the association

  • The scientific activities concerning fishes shall be promoted and a German language platform for all scientists and ichthyologically interested persons for the purpose of information, communication and publication shall be offered. These aims shall be obtained by
  • the promotion of the investigation of the biology of fishes under natural and artificial life conditions,
  • the support of ichthyological teaching on all education levels, the co-operation on national and international level with all institutions, groups and interested persons,
  • the promotion of the consideration of ecological criteria in the use of fish resources,
  • the support of the publication of scientific contributions as well as the promotion of the communication of people who are engaged in fish,
  • the realization of special congresses,
  • the edition of a regularly edited publication und
  • the promotion of actions for the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of the natural habitats of fish, especially the support of projects in species and habitat conservation.

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Who are the members of the GfI?

This answer is easy, because these are persons who are interested in fish in a broad sense and in more than the normal degreee. Therefore the range is from the aquarists which is engaged more than the average in fish up to the holder of professorship who exclusively is concerned with ichthyology.

The research areas of the members are reaching from the native ichthyofauna up to fishes in nearly all parts of the world, covering as well the engagemen with fresh water, estuarine or salt water fishes, additionally nearly every division of ichthyology is covered by the activities of GfI members.

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Who forms the GfI chair?

The chair is led by its president Dr. Fabian Herder, Bonn.

The secretary is Prof. Dr. Heiko Brunken, Bremen.

The treasurer is Dr. Ernst Kiehl, Ratingen.

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Who may become member of the GfI?

Basically everyone who is interested in fish and, accordingly, in ichthyology in the broadest sense. It is not important what you have sone or published before, it´s just important to support the GfI aims. However, have in mind that the GfI chiefly is a German language society, therefore it would be a great help for you if you could understand at least a little German.

By the way, we make a distinction between personal members which pay the normal subscription, and the supporting members - these normally are juristic persons, e.g. institutions - which pay a special contribution.

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How can you become a GfI member?

Rather simply. Just send an e-mail to the GfI, or, more easily, fill in the form on the contact page and forward it to us. You´ll as soon as possible receive an admission form which makes you very quickly a GfI member after the agreement of the chair.

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How much is the subscription?

The normal annual subscription is 30,- €. For students and pupils it is 15,- € annually. To qualify for the reduced fee you have to send a valid certification (from school or university) at the end of the year, for the reduced subscription of the following year. Send it exclusively to the treasurer. The fees are due at the begin of the year. All German members or living in Germany have to pay by debit item (for simplification reasons, all duties are performed voluntarily), members from other countries inquire at the treasurer for their special way to pay the subscription. Dou you want to join us?

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What publications does the GfI offer?

The "normal" journal are the GfI-Mitteilungen (GfI Journal). As the GfI is a German language forum, this journal is in Germany, with exception of the reproduction of abstracts of publications of GfI members which have been published in another language. The GfI-Mitteilungen are mostly part of the Bulletin of Fish Biology which is included in the subscription.

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When do the GfI members meet?

Generally the GfI members meet annually. Every two years there is a GfI congres, which has been in Hamburg in 2009 and in Frankfurt in 2011.

Additionally we plan to increase the knowledge on fishes by numerous events for members and non-members with relevant matters, the participation for GfI members will be possible with reduced fees.

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Do you have any further questions?

Just get in touch with us via the contact page, where you also can order the GfI subscription form, or send an email.

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